A Very Positive Challenge

This blog post is inspired by one of the Heels & Feels Challenges put together for this month by the lovely Cherelle.

You should definitely go and check out the challenge over on the Heels & Feels Instagram because it’s a lovely little challenge all about self-care and best of all theres no pressure to do every single challenge. It’s really chill and just a lovely little 31 day challenge.

Now onto the actual topic of this little post! Day one of the challenge was to write a letter to yourself. It was not an easy task to do. I did mine although a day or two late and it really got me thinking about how badly I treat myself. I wouldnt treat anyone else the way I treat myself so why do I feel it’s ok to treat myself that way?

I think we all put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves to keep up with our peers.

I know Im particularly bad when it comes to this. Theres not a moment in my day where I dont tell myself that ‘this’ is where I should be in life when looking through social media.

That I should have been to university and got myself a job. Where instead I’m still in college trying to get my GCSEs because due to illness I didnt get them at 16. And that’s ok! Its ok to do things at the pace that suits you because life isnt a race, there’s no set time frame in which to do things. Hell, people go back to Uni in their 50s! It’s never too late.

It’s ok not to be like everyone else as well. Its ok to be you. A lot of my letter to myself was addressing that as well.

Being autistic my entire life I’ve tried to act neuro-typical.


I honestly don’t know. Probably because of the bullying for my ‘weird’ behaviour. Ive come to realise that it was everyone elses problem, not mine. That out of the people who care about me, Im the only one giving myself grief over being autistic.

It’s ok to do you. As long as your not hurting anyone in what youre doing.

Just be unapologetically you!

This is the letter I wrote to myself. It was and still is difficult to share.

Thank you so much Cherelle for this lovely little challenge, hopefully I’ll see you or one of the girls at one of the workshops soon!

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