My Favourite Instagram Letterers



I absolutely adore Carols lettering styles and her work with watercolours. Her art is always so slick, with flawless blends and paint bleeds to die for. Whether it be a lettering piece or a watercolour painting I can’t get enough of her work.

Carol posts process videos which are always a joy to watch.

An all round lovely person she inspires me so much.



Alyssa was one of the first letterers that I followed on Instagram when I started lettering myself. Her style is so unique and I love seeing what she makes. From lettering to murals and paintings. I would love to be half as good as this talented woman! I take so much from her work and love her because she doesnt sensor what she writes. There’s something really pleasing about seeing swear words written in pretty lettering!



Josie is another account that I have been following since I first got into lettering. Her current series is something I really look forward to seeing the next installment of 100 Days of Mixed Media. The colours she uses and her style is one that I adore. I wish I had her commitment to projects , if I did I’d give the 100 Days of Mixed Media challenge ago myself because I love what she has created from it.



I first found Debbies account a few months back when she posted a video of her embossing a Dr Seuss quote onto a notebook.

Her lettering style is flawless and she is one of my go to accounts when searching for inspiration. Her grasp of colour is brilliant, where as mine is questionable at best.



I love Grace to bits, another account that I have been following for quite a while she posts videos of lettering and has also made a workbook called and I love it. It has helped me improve my work so much.

The composition of her work is always spot on, my favourite piece she’s done is her lettering of a quote from Seventeen (reprise) from the musical Heathers.

She is currently making another workbook of lettering that can be done with normal pens, I will definitely be getting it when it’s released!

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