My Top 5 Musicals

Muscial theatre is a huge passion of mine and so today I thought I would share my top 5 musicals that I have seen, so without further ado!


Spring Awakening is my all time favourite musical and this year I finally got to see it at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester. The cast were incredible as was the choreography and the set.

Spring Awakening is an adaptation of a play by German play write Frank Wedekind in 1890-91 to address the censorship around sex and sexuality in German society at the time as well as the pressures young people faced.

Covering subjects such as teen suicide, abuse, abortion and loss it’s a hard hitting show.

The musical follows Wendla Bergmann a young teen who is beginning to question the teachings of her mother, school and church.

Melchior Gabor a teen with a rebellious streak and acts out against authority.

Moritz Stiefel a close friend of Melchior Gabor who is struggling in school and confindes in Melchior that he is being tormented by sexual dreams.

As well as Hanschen Rilow exploring his sexuality with fellow classmate Ernst.

Its soundtrack is a mix of softer songs such as Whispering and rock style numbers like Totally Fucked.

I feel Spring Awakening is a must see show as many of the issues addressed although in the historical setting of a German town are still very much relevant today.

Favourite Song: Those You’ve Known

Favourite Character: Moritz

Favourite Act: Act 2


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a favourite of mine, from catchy opening number that is And You Don’t Even Know It to the emotional He’s My Boy and the witty and often laugh out loud funny dialogue.

It follows Jamie New as he tries to realise his dream of becoming a drag queen in Sheffield. He faces bullying and rejection but ultimately fierce support from those that matter.

The final number Out of the Darkness is such a lovely end to a heart warming show and you leave feeling absolutely amazing.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a wonderful show and delivers such a lovely message. It is also based on a real person that is the lovely Jamie Campbell.

Favourite Song: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Favourite Character: Jamie New

Favourite Act: Act 1

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is currently playing at the Apollo Theatre in London until September 2019


SIX the musical brings you Henry viii’s wives in concert. I absolutely adore this musical and I think its creators Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow are geniuses.

Telling the story of Henrys wives in a totally new and fun way, with catchy songs, incredible vocals and dazzling costumes, SIX is fun and educational. Teaching you things about the Queens that you dont learn in school.

The Queens take their turns to fight it out in song to decide which Queen was the most important and quarrel among themselves in between make it a funny watch.

I cannot recommend this musical enough and I cannot wait to see it again on my birthday.

SIX is a new musical created by Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow and has enjoyed great success this year both at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and its run at the Arts Theatre in London. It is now coming to the end of an equally successful short tour of the UK before coming back to the Arts Theatre next year for an open-ended run.

SIX gives us the stories of Henry viii’s wives and does it in a brilliantly unique way.

From its unique concept, stunning costume design and catchy numbers it really is a triumph.

Favourite Song: Ex-Wives

Favourite Character: Anne Boleyn

Favourite Act: SIX is a one act musical!

SIX will be returning to the Arts Theatre in London from January 2019.


Wicked is such a good family show.

Being the prequel to The Wizard of Oz we learn how Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West. The entire musical is a flashback and essentially comes full circle. With catchy numbers, absolute belters like No Good Deed and heartfelt duet As Long As You’re Mine theres something in it for everyone. The set, staging and costumes are absolutely dazzling really finish off a great show all round. There’s a very good reason why it such a favourite.
Favourite Song: No Good Deed

Favourite Character: Elphaba

Favourite Act: Act 2

Wicked is currently playing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London.


Les Mis will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first musical I ever saw in the West End. I can remember being blown away by the sets, staging and the voices of the entire cast and just generally being in complete awe.

There’s a very good reason why Les Mis is such a beloved show and still such a must see so many years down the line.

It’s tear jerking and hard hitting but has the odd comedic moment.

Favourite Song: Turning

Favourite Character: Eponine

Favourite Act: Act 1

Les Miserable is currently playing at the Queens Theatre in London and is touring.

One thought on “My Top 5 Musicals

  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    I am a musical theatre fanatic.

    1. Les Mis. If I am to pick my favorite song and character, I would not be able to. This turned a love of musicals into a passion.

    2. Wicked- okay, Wicked is tied with Les Mis. Favorite song: Popular. Favorite character: Elphaba. Sparked my love of musicals.

    3. Annie- before the green girl entered my life, Annie was my favorite musical. That is why it is sitting at this spot. Favorite song: Tomorrow

    4. Sound of Music. Favorite song: Edelweiss. Can get that far.

    5. Phantom of the Opera. Favorite song: either All I Ask of You or Music of the Night. Favorite character: I can tell you this, I love Christine and Raoul the most.

    Visit my blog for more musical theatre fun


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