October Favourites


Although I’ve been hooked on the cast recording of Jamie for months, I hadn’t managed to see the show until now and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. The show is funny, with the occasional sad moments. The songs are catchy, and the cast are lovely. I can’t recommend this musical enough.


The absolutely ICONIC podcast returned with it’s new series (technically it started last month but as it’s still on it counts for this list, right?) The podcast is exactly what it says on the tin and it is comedy gold.

The storyline and premise of the books are utterly ridiculous and yet I find myself so invested in the story.

From decidedly unsexy sex scenes to Belindas internal monologue it’s laughs all round.

This is definitely an 18+ recommendation because of the sexual content and strong langue.

Go listen! You won’t regret it.

New episodes are released on Mondays.

MY DAD WROTE A PORNO social media:

My Dad Wrote a Porno Twitter

PHOTO: My Dad Wrote a Porno Twitter


Since getting my Freestyle Libre I have used this site to get cute stickers for my sensor and reader. I absolutely swear by this site, it has a huge selection to chose from, the quality is high and the shipping and customer service are spot on.

As well as Libre stickers they also have jewlery and stickers for other devices such as Dexcom and insulin pumps etc.

I’ve looked at so many other sites but I’m yet to find any with as wide a range as Pimp My Diabetes.

Visit Pimp My Diabetes


Industry Minds is a podcast created by Cathy Read and Scarlett Maltman which talks about mental health in the theatre industry. The podcasts has a different guest in each episode and talks about each guests experiences in the industry, from stage school to professional jobs and the impact it’s had on them and how they coped. This podcast shines a light on a really important topic and makes for an interesting listen each week. Being open about mental health is so important and Industry Minds is doing a good job at opening the subject up.

INDUSTRY MINDS social media:

Industry Minds Twitter

Cathy Read Twitter

Scarlett Maltman Twitter

Website Industry Minds

PHOTO: Industry Minds Twitter.

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